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Working closely with industry partner, Healthabitat, the Incubator assembles some of Australia’s leading experts in Indigenous social policy analysis, health and housing.

Our team

The Housing for Health Incubator team comprises research investigators and industry partners.


Associate Professor Tess Lea
Chief Investigator
Dr Liam Grealy
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Kirsty Howey
Partner Investigator
Professor Allan McConnell
Partner Investigator
Dr Christen Cornell
Partner Investigator

Safe drinking water, sanitation, houses that shelter and assist healthy living should be standard rights but are not. This incubator aims to turn this around.

Industry partners

Professor Paul J Torzillo
Industry Partner
Stephan Rainow
Industry Partner
Adrian Welke
Industry Partner
Jeff Standen
Industry Partner
Heleana Genaus
Industry Partner
David Donald
Industry Partner
Greg Norman
Industry Partner
Kieran Wong
Industry Partner

Housing for Health Incubator

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