Impacts and research outputs


Guides, Reports, and Submissions

Submission: Review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1999 (NT)

Submission: NT Water Regulatory Reform, March 2019

Incubator Issues Paper May 2018

Incubator Progress Report May 2018

The National Indigenous Housing Guide (produced by Healthabitat)

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Grealy, Liam. 2019. Who Needs a Drink? Issues of Infrastructural Inequality. Pivot. 1: 56-69.


Lea, T., K. Howey, and J. O’Brien. Oct 2018. Waging Paperfare: Subverting the Damage of Extractive Capitalism in Kakadu. Oceania.

In the Media

Grealy, L. and Howey, K. 2019. Are there legal protections for drinking water in the Northern Territory? Crikey. May 31.

Professor Paul Torzillo and Dr David Jacobs discuss the links between housing and health on ABC Radio National’s The Health Report.

Grealy, L. 2018. Repairs and maintenance in cultural studies. SOPHI Magazine. Winter. 8-10

Grealy, L. 2018. States of deferral: Securing houses in Borroloola. Crikey. November 9.

Coopes, A. 2018. As homelessness grows, community control the answer in Aboriginal housing. Croakey. March 2018.

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