WHO Guidelines: Housing and health in the news

By February 26, 2019 No Comments

Recognising the increasing importance of housing to health due to demographic and climate changes, and in response to requests from member states, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently developed its first guidelines on housing and health. The WHO Housing and Health guidelines provide international recommendations on how to improve housing conditions, and thus provide a global context for the work conducted by Healthabitat.

In February 2019, in advance of the launch of the WHO Guidelines in New Zealand, Dr David E. Jacobs (Chief Scientist at the National Center for Healthy Housing in the USA and key contributor to the guidelines) visited Sydney, and met with Healthabitat practitioners in a special meeting hosted by the Incubator at the University of Sydney.

On the same visit, Dr Paul Torzillo (Incubator partner) and Dr Jacobs spoke about the links between housing and health with Norman Swan on ABC Radio National’s The Health Report. Click here to stream the interview, or here to read more and download.

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